Away 3D TypeScript

Over the past few months we have been porting Away3D to TypeScript, which will be instantly familiar to current developers and easy to get started for new users whether you are using JavaScript or TypeScript.

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Demos, and development tests built using Away3D TypeScript.


Sponza demo with dynamic multipass lighting - view source
Shadow Mapping with a 3DS model - view source
Vertex Animation with MD2 - view source
Exploding browser logos using particles - view source
Skeleton Animation with MD5 - view source
Globe simulation with advanced shading - view source
Animating particles simulating fire - view source
Skybox and environment mapping - view source
OBJ Parser - view source
AWD Parser - view source
Basic Shading - view source

Development Tests

Test Harness

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Away3D TypeScript API

One key goal of the TypeScript project was to allow existing Away3D projects to easily migrate to HTML5 and WebGL, ensuring that existing AGAL effects would move seamlessly to the TypeScript platform, without modification, and generally enabling developer workflow to remain consistent across platforms.

With that in mind, care has been taken to ensure that the APIs remain consistent and that Away3D and AS3 users and developers can take full advantage of familiar class packages. The new framework will also allow developers to seamlessly integrate GLSL shader effects that were not possible before.

In Away3D TypeScript you can code using either AGAL or GLSL. This makes Away3D TypeScript ideally suited for porting existing AS3 projects or starting brand new GLSL projects using a familiar and easy to use APIs.



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Source Files

GitHub: AwayJS Core TypeScript
GitHub: StageGL Core TypeScript
GitHub: StageGL Extensions
GitHub: StageGL Examples

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Google Plus - Away3D TypeScript Progress Update

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